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As increasing numbers of consumers are taking control of their health, functional foods represent an exciting and growing market, particularly in the area of heart health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than half of the world’s adult population has elevated total cholesterol. High cholesterol is the biggest risk factor for cardiovascular and heart diseases.1 Heart disease and stroke affect a significant percentage of adults across the globe, yet the WHO estimates that 8 out of 10 premature deaths from these conditions could be prevented with changes of diet and lifestyle. One of the most effective changes is a reduction in blood cholesterol, particularly the bad LDL cholesterol. This is where Benecol® has a major role to play as one of the most effective food and supplement products for cholesterol reduction.
This website provides information about Benecol® and its special functional ingredient, Plant stanol ester. It also introduces Raisio, the innovative Finnish company behind the Benecol® brand. Raisio’s business model involves licensing the Benecol® brand and selling the effective and safe cholesterol-lowering ingredient, plant stanols ester, to food and supplement companies around the world. Since Benecol® is an established global brand with some of the most successful cholesterol-lowering products available, there is no better partner for your functional food and supplement business than Raisio.

1World Health Organization, The Atlas Of Heart Disease And Strokes

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