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Simple Steps towards Healthier Heart

The simple steps towards a healthy heart

Through small changes in your lifestyle and especially in your diet, you can achieve great results. Taking care of your cholesterol levels helps you maintain a healthy heart. Including Benecol products in a healthy diet is a simple, additional step to start lowering your cholesterol level today.

Heart-healthy start for the day

Start the day off right with a heart-healthy, well-balanced breakfast. Incorporating a variety of heart-healthy foods, – such as low-fat Benecol yoghurt topped with muesli, berries or fruit pieces –, into your breakfast ensures you get your first dose of cholesterol-lowering Plant stanol esters as well as fibres.

Happy-heart shopping trip

Food shopping, whether in a grocery store or online, is often based on habits: picking the same foods and ingredients every week into your shopping cart. It’s worth checking every now and then whether those stable items in your cart should be updated to more heart healthy ones. Check the labels. Is there an alternative  for  lower saturated fat or higher  fibre  content? Maybe your regular spread could be replaced with cholesterol-lowering Benecol spread!

Afternoon energy boost for your heart

Eating infrequently makes it easy to start feeling under the weather and start craving for a fast energy boost. Planning healthy snacks in advance is a smart choice. Keep foods such as fruits, unseasoned nuts, whole grain sandwiches or cereal bars, etc. readily available so you don’t need to grab just anything when hunger strikes.

Enjoy Benecol products with a meal for the best cholesterol lowering efficacy.

Enjoying dinner together

Dinnertime is great for catching up with your family or friends. Whether a quick something to cook during the week or a fancy dinner prepared for hours, it’s nice to sit down and take your time enjoying the main meal of the day. If your cholesterol levels need some tweaking, end the dinner with a small treat, such as Benecol Yogurt Drink. Benecol products contain Plant stanol ester and are proven to lower your cholesterol. What’s more, cholesterol levels will remain at the lower level reached as long as Benecol products are used daily in connection with a healthy diet.

Exercise for a happier heart

An active, heart-healthy day should include at least some exercise. Find a way to stay active that fits you best. For some, it can be going to the gym or swimming pool, others enjoy doing physical work in the garden or around the house. A stroll in the park would do as well!